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Year is  5, 777 - Hebrew Calender


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  • Lifetime Membership
  • Annual Holy  Convocation International  & State   Meetings
  • Historical Apostles Fellowship Chosen by God and Not Man
  • We  don't charge Thousands of Dollars to Join  or Yearly Fee's!
  • No Pay To Play,  we  won't kick you  out  because of money , because we  don't charge yearly fees to belong !   Your fellowship means more to us than money!
  • Every Member is Honored and Respected in their own right   
  •  No Games or Church Politics
  • Were not Traditional    
  • Signet  Ring  &  Coat  of  Arms
  •  We offer Mentorship
  • Acredited School of the Apostles   
  • Conference  Calls
  • We operate  from donations  and free will offering



A.W.F.  is a reputable International  Historical  Apostles  Fellowship  receiving  numerous Outstanding  and Special Recognition  Awards From:  Mayors,  City Councils,  Governors Congress,  Senators  and   Communities


Upon Approval We offer  Lifetime Licensing Ordination, The Apostles  Holy Right Hand of Fellowship  with Official Service     


Apostolic  Order  Of  The  Church

Today the gift of  Apostleship is new to the Christian church  and inexperience leaders who aren't Apostles  themselves are causing men to make shipwreck  by stating  one must first become a Bishop  and sit under them in  order to be an Apostle

This isn't  true according to the bible because  every Apostle already  has a Bishopric, Acts 1:20 So how can one offer them, what they already have?  Besides Apostles  were the one's who first  Ordained both  Deacons and Bishops  Acts 6  and  I Timothy 3 ,  so it's impossible  for Bishops  to have authority over  Apostles

Bible Facts

According to the word of God only another Apostle  has the right to  lay hands on an Apostle.  When Apostle Paul was ready to affirm his Apostleship,  Barnabas  and Apostle himself , Acts 14:14 who  also wasn't among  the original 12 Apostles, Took him to see the Apostles, not Bishops, Acts 9:27


We say this not to denounce or disrespect  the Honorable Office of the Bishopric,, whom our apostolic fathers established, but to educate  what's  written in Gods word, before man  altered it


The Removal of  the  Apostles

After the martyrdom of  most of the Apostles, the  Apostleship went under ground . Than a group  of Bishops in Rome took a hostile takeover of their  govering position,  by claiming they were in control of the church because  the Apostles had Establish their Office and  therefore claimed  Apostolic Succession 

In other words, they altered the  order of God  in  Luke 11:49  and  the first gift  Jesus Christ  of Nazareth gave to the new testament church and this BIG, BIG mistake has existed  for thousands of years without  any  upjection or biblical validation

Obviously they forgot once God sends his word, it cannot return unto him void, Isaiah 55:11. and  it's foolish  to say  Apostles don't exist  anymore because the word SOME  Gift  in Ephesians 4:11, means an "Unspecified Number,  as  the generations come  and  go


The  Structure of Gods Church is Apostles, Prophets Teachers, Evangelists,  Pastors Bishops, Deacons,  Elders Ministers and  Priest



No-one  in ministry should call themselves  Reverend in the 21st century, because it's not biblical ,

It's time to educate the body of Christ and the world!

The word "Reverend" only appears ONCE in the entire Bible, in Psalm 111:9.  

A minister  in medieval Europe  long after Christ decided  he should be respected and started calling himself  "REV"  amd  preachers  have  followed in his foot steps,  in spite of the fact  the bible says  for us to "Reverence  No Man"



We believe strongly in integrity, respect and dignity while serving in ministry, however we cannot be responsible for the actions or deeds of  those associated with our fellowship


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