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Apostle Dr. Nina Hall is a living apostolic legend operating under a strong anointing by the holy ghost who's suffered great character assignation and false accusations in the church because of jealousy and her obedience to God!

She's a visionary who has always been 7 to 14 years ahead of the church and given unique non traditional assignments by God to shift  the church into major change. She is the devils worse nightmare because she uses every attack against her as an excuse to submit herself more to God


Since 1977 she's been a trailblazzer for women in both the Baptist and Apostolic church and her outstanding personality kindness, humility and love for God's people has convince many to respect the anointing on her life. Apostle was brought up in church and comes from a family history of male preachers and is anointed by God to heal the sick, cast out devils, works in miracles, Signs and Wonders and her prophetic gift and worship is a great blessing


As a child angels played with her and was told by God  that she was like Paul who was Saul of Tarsus this  obviously stirred  her curiosity in the gift of Apostleship however after reading about Paul’s suffering of persecution she wasn’t very thrilled,  however  she too has suffered many things for the gospels sake, especially concerning the assignment to Gather Apostles, which has been micmac and attacked  in the body of Christ,  however  if  you  began after 1977  you're too  late!  


In 1991  she  came out of hiding her gift and  revealed  the mandate given to her  by God  in 1977 to Gather  Apostles Globally for a  mighty  end time move and restore the gift of Apostleship back into the church after almost 2,000 years of  inactively and this Gift  is still believed  by many Christians today to  be extinct???


In the early nineties  the Apostles were few, the prophets hadn’t emerged, finding Apostles on the internet wasn’t an option,  Facebook didn’t exist and excepting the Gift brought harsh  judgement, criticism,  rejection,  ostracism and  she was unfairly labeled by some in the church as strange or different.   Her  fear of  God preceded  the  judgement  of man and  she continued to search for Apostles by  telephone and word of mouth for the next  21 years, conducting Apostles Conventions  and  becoming  a voice  informing the body of Christ, that Apostles still exist  because  God’s word is everlasting  and everyone who met  her  knew of  this unique God given assignment


Her obedience in claiming her Apostleship  openly encourged Bishops  who were  consealing  their  gift   because of organizational  beliefs and others that  feared  rejection or alienation from  their  peers to come out of the closet of shame. Many re-exam the word of God and discovered   the gift  of Apostleship is clearly  listed among those gifts in Ephesians 4:11  and no-one can  ever change  that!


Apostle Dr. Hall  is a Senior Pastor and Affirmed Apostle  receiving  the Holy Right Hand of Fellowship given to all true Apostles in 1996,  by her Senior Apostle,  the  late  great Honorable  Apostle  Dr.  Thomas I.  Butler along with the College and Council of Apostles, in a packed out  church  with a  great cloud of witness including: Pastors,  Bishops, Deacons,  all Gifts, The Mayor, The Governor,  City Council, United States Senators and the House of Representatives  


Her ancestry is from the Tribe of Judah  with  Apostolic Succession from  Eastern and Western Streams, tracing her lineage  back to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Apostle Paul  and Received double affirmation from her adopted Granddaddy Bishop when he came to Detroit,  the late Honorable Bishop Howard Benjamin Hogan, who was also one of  her  mentors


Those who know her  will confirm she's a loving kind person who's  never bothered anyone in her life,  has  a  beautiful personality and helped  thousands in fulfilling their destiny as unto the Lord.   She's unconditionally  blessed over Ten Thousand leaders in recieving 501C3, Assisted Hundreds of Women preachers to advance their  communities,  preached fed and reached over 120,000 souls on the city streets of Detroit Michigan and was discovered  by Pastor Benny Hinn who called upon her to assist him and  was blessed to present Pastor Benny Hinn (California) and Pastor Larry Jones (Oaklahoma City)  with the spirit of Detroit Award, when they came to Detroit  Mich, both became honorary members of her street  crusades.  While in Oklahoma City in 1994 she informed the late  honorable Dr.  Oral Roberts how God was using  her to heal the sick on the streets and he  laid hands on her and shook a double anointing of  healing  upon her and she's  built two churches in South  Africa for a Missionary


Apostle hasn't  been seeking fame or recongnition from man and as  a  former model and beauty queen pagent,  she discovered  the crown  she was searching for was in heaven and is pursuing a crown of righteous.  Her  obedenice has made her one of the first Black woman to Preside over  a Global Fellowship of Apostles and has sealed Apostles Worldwide Fellowship in the archives of history as  the fastest growing Apostles Fellowship of  the 21st Century 


Her accomplishments are  to numberous too name, a Mentor and Apostle of thousands, a spiritual mother of hundreds globally, receiving Special Recgonition or Outstanding Community Service Awards From: The late Honorable Mrs Rosa Parks, Mother Waddles, Mayors, Governors, Congress Senators, City Councils, Featured in the Who's Who of Who's Detroit, Michigan Edition and honored by  the First Black President of the United States, The Honorable Barack Obama


Christian Experience:   Presiding Apostle, Sr. Pastor, Pastoral Counseling, International Evangelist, Pastoral Care, Cantor Church Administration, Event Planner, Prayer Warrior   Spiritual Ad Hoc for the Mayor, for Women Clergy, Radio and Television Personality, Author, Young Peoples Sunday School Teacher with prior students like Fred Hammond, Byron Cage and  members of  Commission Organizational Obligations: Regional Apostle, State Apostle,  Sgt of Arms for the Bishops Council, Young Ministers Secretary,  State Evangelist International Evangelisim Team,   Nominated Young People State Chairman and  catalyst  in  helping  many to become world  renown,  for the Glory of God

The Legacy 
Apostle Dr. Nina Hall is one of the greatest female Apostles that  has  ever  lived, a fore runner and visionary  who was ahead of her time.  A  beautiful  and kind person who could   reign with kings  and queens and not  loose the common touch and no one can deny the hand of God  upon her life 
Apostle Dr. Hall definitely has made her mark in the archives of church history and heaven and realizes  that  no-one can fully understand the impact of  a  major  movement until  it stops!  She knows her God given legacy of restoring the gift of Apostleship back into the church will live on  long after she's gone  and her dream of knowing that one day everyone who loves God will except the gift of Apostleship and some will say when was that when the church didn't believe in Apostles 
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Year is - 5, 778- Hebrew Calender


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A.W.F.  is a reputable International  Historical  Apostles  Fellowship  receiving  numerous Outstanding  and Special Recognition  Awards From:  Mayors,  City Councils,  Governors, Congress,  Senators  and  Community Officals


Upon Approval We offer  Lifetime Licensing Ordination, The Apostles  Holy Right Hand of Fellowship  along with an  Official Service     


Apostolic  Order  Of  The  Church

Today the gift of  Apostleship is new to the Christian church  and inexperience leaders who aren't Apostles  themselves or have been taught wrong are causing men to make shipwreck  by stating  one must sit under them to be an Apostle or go through the process of becoming a Bishop first, when no scripture validates this.  Apostle Paul  confirms he waited 3 years before he went to see  the other Apostles. Gal 1:17 -18

 Every true Apostle  already  has a Bishopric according to , Acts 1:20 

So how can a Bishop offer them, what they already have and besides  the Apostles  were the ones who created the office of  Deacons and Bishops,  to assist them in the work of the ministry  Acts 6, 

I Timothy 3

Bible Facts

According to the word of God only another Apostle  has the right to  lay hands on an Apostle and affirm them.

We say Affirmed, because it's God who  Confirms  them.  When Apostle Paul was ready to validate his Apostleship, Apostle  Barnabas took him to  see Apostle Peter and not a Bishop, Acts 9:27

In   Acts 14:14  the bible clearly says that Barnabas   was an Apostle and he isn't listed  among  the original 12 Apostles, 


As true Apostles the holy spirit has chosen us to maintain bible order as the governors of his church and we highly respect  the Honorable Office of the Bishopric,, that  our apostolic fathers established, but Bishops are not over the Gift of Apostleship, that 's out of order 


The Removal of  the  Apostles

After the martyrdom of  most of the Apostles, the  Apostleship went under ground . Than a group  of Bishops in Rome took a hostile takeover of their  govering position,  by claiming they were  now in control of the church and had apostolic succession because  the Apostles had Establish their Office 

In other words, they altered the  order of God  in  Luke 11:49  and  the first gift  Jesus Christ  of Nazareth gave to the new testament church and this terrible BIG, mistake has existed  for thousands of years in  christendom without  any  upjection or real biblical validation


Obviously they forgot once God sends his word, it cannot return unto him void, Isaiah 55:11. and  it's foolish  to say  Apostles don't exist  anymore because the word SOME  Gift  in Ephesians 4:11, means an "Unspecified Number,  as  the generations come  and  go


The  Real  Structure of Gods Church is Apostles, Prophets Teachers, Evangelists,  Pastors Bishops, Deacons,  Elders Ministers and  Priest



No-one  in ministry should call  ever call themselves  a  Reverend in the 21st century, because  that's  not biblical and no-one in the entire bible ever  called themselfs Rev and as the leaders of his church we can't  allow folks to stay spiritually ignorant!

It's time to educate the body of Christ and the world to finally remove this word!

The word "Reverend" only appears ONCE in the entire Bible, in Psalm 111:9.  

A minister  in medieval Europe  long after Jesus Christ,  decided  he should be looked upon and highly respected , so HE started calling himself  "REV"  and  preachers  have  followed in his foot steps,  in spite of the fact  the bible says  for us to "Reverence  No Man!  What's wrong with being  what the bible says we are? 



We believe strongly in integrity, respect and dignity while serving in ministry, however we cannot be responsible for the actions or deeds of  those associated with our fellowship


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