Apostles Worldwide Fellowship
Apostles Worldwide Fellowship
Greetings In Jesus Name of Nazareth:
What a blessing to share the God given vision of Apostles Worldwide Fellowship an end-time movement chosen by the holy spirit and not man to restore, revitalize and resurrect the gift of Apostleship back into the church with respect acceptance and dignity and save souls from confessing their unbelief in Apostles or any other word written in the bible, as we network with our  fellow Apostes globally to share our knowledge, wisdom and resources 
Were excited about this powerful end time move of God in the gathering  of his true Apostles  united as one voice from every organization to set the captive free and now AWF has become the fastest growing Apostles Fellowship in the world with thousands of Apostles hearing the clarion call of the holy spirit saying, Get Ready, Get Set, Let’s Go!
Since 1991 AWF has been a voice crying in the wilderness for the restoration of the gift of Apostleship and has been searching the earth to find and assembly them  as one voice as order by the holy spirit and is an advocate for all Apostles in the media and churches around the world 
We consist of all races, nations and organizations networking as an conclave for the spiritual advancement of the church and to know Apostles who labor among us in the 21st century and gather yearly at our Annual Apostles Convention, which develops strong bonds and apostolic strategies to mature the church while receiving spiritual nurishment from season Apostles
AWF believes the word of God and that he is no respect of persons and in him theirs neither male or female, there-fore both male and female are on our Council and College of Apostles, for their is neither male or female in Christ Jesus and network in unity as God's  human creation
We believe every true Apostle should be a Covenant Partner of AWF because it’s the will of the holy spirit for all Apostles  to be One again and theirs no need to relinquish current affiliations because each Apostle is respected for being the leader of their own organization.  If anyone should be setting the stage for unity in the church, it should be  us!
Today in the 21st Century church the gift of Apostleship is still the most unaccepted gift of Ephesians 4:11, however our combine efforts of apostolic  authority, knowledge, weapons of technology and prayer will destroy this last strong hold of unbelief  in the church and bring revelation, wisdom and knowledge that all gifts given by God are created equal!
Apostle in Greek means ambassador messenger, envoy commissioned to carry out the instructions of it's commissioner and for Apostles their commissioner is Jesus Christ of Nazareth
The Apostle is the first Gift given to the new testament church by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth Matthew 10:2 and God Luke 11:42 and today true Apostles still must be chosen by him, Acts 1:24-26. Biblically man doesn't have authority to make anyone an Apostle or gift including themselves because they’re not God, Luke 11:49 and when they do, they make themselves equal with him, man can only Affirm what God as already Confirmed
Jesus Christ chose his 12 Apostles as the governmental leaders of the new testament church, however the gift didn’t end there but had just began because after his ascension to heaven he was still choosing Apostles Acts 1:24 26, 14:14, 9:15-16. Just like wise corporations and foundations do today, they leave successors to continue their vision because they realize their mandate is generational 
The bible is the compass of our souls and never said in order to be an Apostle you must have walked with Jesus Christ of Nazareth in his life time and be named among the original 12/13 Apostles (Judas was replaced with Matthias) Acts 9 blows this theory right out the window because Paul definitely wasn’t with the original 12 and he wrote most of the new testament including the qualifications for a Bishop. Acts 14:14 says that Barnabas was an Apostle and Romans 16 list a host of Apostles, including Female Apostles
Their also isn't one scripture stating after the original Apostles all died the gift went extinct and was replaced by Bishops, because their was no need for Apostles to replace themselves with Bishops when the bible says the Apostles already had a Bishopric, Acts 1:20, but not all Bishops can have an Apostleship, because Jesus must select them himself to be an Apostle Acts 1:23-2
The bible says it was the Apostles who created both offices of the Deacon Acts 6:3-6, & Bishop, I Timothy 3:1-8 and because of this all Bishops & Deacons should have an Apostle and should be assisting them in the work of the ministry, after all that’s why their offices were created, to Help Apostles with the Affairs of the Church and not vise versa. When being Consecrated both should always have an Apostle as their Chief Consecrator and Apostles should attend their affirmation service, because this is real biblical apostolic order 
The difference between an Apostle and a Bishop is an Apostle is a GIFT chosen by God and it’s not called an Office. Apostles were given by Jesus Christ of Nazareth to govern it’s affairs and maintain sound apostolic doctrine until his return, Acts 1, Ephesians 2:20, I Corinthians 12::28 
A Bishop is called an OFFICE and not a Gift and Self Elevated and Elected as an Honorable position. The bible says that one can become a Bishop based on their Lifestyle of Conduct and the bible never said that in order to qualify to be a Bishop, you must have churches under you, this too is man made doctrine enter into the church as valid, I Timothy 3:1- 8
Have you notice in the bible Jesus Christ of Nazareth never once mention the word Bishop in all of his teachings? And before he went to heaven he didn't tell Bishops to go to Jerusalem and wait but his Apostles, Acts 1:4-9 And it wasn’t the Bishops who first open up the doors of the church but the Apostles, Acts 2:33- 4.1 also they didn’t continued in the doctrine of the Bishops, but in the doctrine of the Apostles, Acts 2: 42-43
We highly respect and esteem the Honorable Office of the Bishopric because our apostolic fathers created their offices and their contribution to the body of Christ, however it’s a biblical fact they’re not the Governing leaders of the church, the Apostles are and in these last days the holy spirit is destroying fables in the church from the truth of his word, in order to save souls and set the captive free! 
Women can be Apostles too, because God is no respect of persons and in him there is neither male of female, that’s what the bible says. Did you know that Mary Magdalene was the first female Apostle? Mark 16:9 says she was chosen by Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself to deliver the first gospel message of his death burial & resurrection and without her no one would be preaching the gospel today. Female Apostles also are mention in Romans 16, so those who say women can be Apostles are biblically wrong and the bible says in Acts 2:17 that your sons and daughters will preach, however some refuse to believe or accept God's word and still teach against women preachers and if a women couldn’t preach, than God would in essence be a respect of persons and that would make him a liar
The word "Some" in Ephesians 4:11, means a Unspecified number and applies to all gifts, because generations they come and go, so the gifts are constantly being replenish and that's why we still have "Some" Apostles and Some Gifts today. So why are the people of God still confessing they don’t believe in Apostles? Because for generations they simply believed hearsay or a mans word, over the written word of God and now they refuse to except Apostles as legitimate, even though it’s the very first word listed in Ephesians 4:11. It's almost as if seeing isn’t believing and they've been brainwashed to ignore the word Apostle no matter what they see! 
When saints say they don't believe in Apostles do they really comprend what their saying? They’re openly confessing with their mouths there are some words and gifts written in the holy bible, they just don’t and won’t believe in. Here’s where the root of the sin unbelief resides and satans deception has them bound, because to say that you don’t believe portions of God’s word is a Sin according to Rev 21:8. It's like saying, I believe in Psalms 23 but only verses 1- 4 and not verses 5 and 6, but I'm still going to heaven!
Today we even have people elevating themselves into the Apostleship like it’s the new best thing on the market, unaware that’s out of order again the gifts are given by God and not people, Matthew 10:1-5, Acts 1:24-26, Acts 9, Ephesians 4:11, I Corinthians 12:28
We pray the holy spirit has enlighten you through the truth of his word and if you didn’t believe in Apostles before the reading of these scriptures have confirmed they still exist, for the bible says you shall know the truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free!
What’s An Emerging Apostle
The holy spirit is bringing correction to the church in these last days and AWF is on the cutting edge of preaching the truth of his word and sound doctrine and in the bible there’s no such thing as an Emerging Apostle! 
Someone wrote Emerging Apostle in their book and now it’s being used as legitimate, to make an Apostle wait before they can step into their full apostleship and sit up under man until they deem them to be ready for the gift 
The problem is God chose all gifts and he never once mention the word emerging into any of them and why is only the Apostleship gift being force to emerge when God said it’s the Foundation of the Church ? 
And why aren't the other gifts being asked to emerge? Is God a respect of Gifts? The word Emerge means to come forth from a place that’s shut off from view, or from concealment, or into sight to be notice and is never mention in the bible for any gift. An Apostle isn’t shut off, they can be seen and are chose by God just to be an Apostle
The Apostleship is just coming out of the closet in the church and hasn't been fully accepted as it's foundation leader yet, so we must be careful not to add or take away from the word of God and although the word emerging sounds correct, it isn’t correct and we cannot have generations misconceived again Our apostolic pillars, Apostle Paul and Peter wouldn't accept, teach or preach anything about emerging Apostles and when Apostle Barnabas introduce Apostle Paul to Apostle Peter, he accepted him as equal and gave him the holy right hand of fellowship 
When Jesus Christ of Nazareth chose you to be an Apostle or a gift, he spoke very clear and confirm you with his word and began to show you what you must do. When you became a Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Prophet you didn’t emerge so why is the foundational Gift that Christ gave to his church being asked to wait and emerge now? Because man ha gotten into the mix as usual 
We understand the concept however to teach that an Apostle must emerge into their position is incorrect and here are the Biblical Facts. 
When Jesus chose the Apostles, they were never called emerging Apostles, Matthew 6:30 God said I will send them Apostles and didn't say emerging Apostle, Luke 11:49 Matthias replaced Judas and never emerged, he just became an Apostle, Acts 1:24-26 Apostle Paul never was an emerging Apostle, he went from sinner to an Apostle, Acts 9:15 Ephesians 4:11, all gifts listed never mentions being emerging into them It’s time for us to except the word and not add or take away from it!
Apostles Were Chosen To Govern the Church
The bible says Apostles were chosen to Govern the church by Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself and are the Foundation Leaders of the New Testament Church Acts 1, Acts 2, Ephesians 2:20 
All those confessing to be christians are birthed into the Apostles Doctrine Acts 2:42 says, And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers

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AWF has received numberous awards for outstanding leadership from: Mayors, Council Members Community Leaders, Governors House of Representives, United States Congress &  U.S. Senate   


Are you an Real Apostle Chosen by Jesus Christ of Nazareth?
Why not Join the Worlds Fastest Growing Prestigious End-Time Apostles Movement of  the 21st Century, Free of Charge!  


Just because someone paid money to join an organization doesn't  mean it’s any better than ours, that's an Ego thing!

It simply means they paid MONEY in order to become a member and some even demand payments for the rest of Your Life!  


AWF has been chosen by God to   unify true  Apostles regardless of race or  affiliations, as the corporate body of Christ to restore the Apostleship permanently back into the church after almost 2,000 years with Dignity Respect & Acceptance and save souls from  openly confessing their unbelief in the non exsistence of Apostles  in the 21st century, while being  known among peers globally!

Our  mandate by God  is to also gather Apostles under one roof for a mighty move of God that hasn't taken place since the day of Pentecost!


As innovators our objective is to dismantle disunity and reset stability among true Apostles, leaders and the body of Christ at large! 


AWF offers True Fellowship  with No Respect of Apostle and Freedom from division and has eliminated   ridiculous and outrageous yearly fellowship fees just to fellowship with your peer?  Not even God himself is asking us to pay thousands of dollars to be a member of heaven

We believe these prices were designed to exclude certain Apostles along with the Buddy System of who knows who in orderto be accepted  by them as Apostle!

Where's their discerement of Spirit?

 These things are unacceptable to God and the reason  why many have lost their anointing and are operating solely off their gifts and talents  


The Apostleship gift isn't for sale nor a sorority, a click, social club or  fraternity, but a gift given to the church by God himself! 
The holy spirit  told us to set the captive free and put an end to church politics, spiritual greed and release souls from a lying spirit of telling his people they must pay a Man Money every year for life in order  to preach  the gospel and keep their  gift!  

Man isn't the giver of the gift, God is!


Many have fought us and tried  to destroy and eliminate the gathering of Gods Holy Apostles Globally because in  their flesh they perceived this move to be of man and not of God  

The  holy spirit said on his agenda was his return and the first gift he left to birth the holy ghost into the church must be reestablished  for his return

He that has an ear, let him hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying to the church


AWF Operates on Free Will Offerings and Donations  


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Tiers of Leadership
Apostle Dr. Nina Hall, Prelatus

Apostle Selman Smith

1st Asst

Apostle Cornelius White

2nd Assst

Sr. Council of Apostles

College of Apostles

College of Bishops

School of Apostles

International Adjutants

General Secretary


Office Hours

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Apostle Dr. Nina Hall is the Founder and Presiding Prelatus of Apostles Worldwide Fellowship and works with a strong  global apostolic team of highly anointed Men and Women of God standing for holiness integrity and godliness

United they seek the will of God on everything which makes the holy spirit in charge of the fellowship and not a man or a woman.

As global team they service the specific needs of Apostles while conducting State and Global  Apostles Conventions just like the College of Bishops



AWF believes  that God is calling for the unity of his people with true Apostles of the 21st Century leading the way! Only another Apostle can relate to our gift  because as true Apostles we understand that we operate in a different spiritual realm chosen by the holy spirit and wont allow ourselves to be tangled up in false doctrine, religion controlling spirits, church politics, man made doctrine,  blackballing,  abuse of authority and hidden agendas  that rob God of his glory.  As the foundation leaders of the church we know these things aren't of God!
We've experience Apostles wanting to
fellowship with their peers but ended up being dissapointed and wounded by False Apostles in sheeps clothing with ulterior motives who desired money, recognition and dominance
Many organizations lure you in by pretending  to be different, but
offer up the same old  made man doctrine, traditional bondage, religion control and manipulation
Some are  too stubbon to change and refuse to accept Apostles because of their own doctrinal teachings. They'll ignore  the word Apostle  listed first in Ephesians 4:11,  fight God and ask a person to denounce their  own gift     and  demote  to the elected OFFICE of a Bishop 
Other groups claim to be  presitgious but demand hundreds or thousands of dollars to join  there fellowship and you must continue to give them money every month or year for the rest of your life to stay affiliated with them  
Some  have a buddy system and will only allow an Apostle to join them based upon the recomendation of there members.  They've elimated the word of God stating that he gave Apostles to the church and not there members.  In essence they have respect of Apostles and behave like a sorority or fraternity 
We've also discovered because someone has written  books, have a big name, fame and popularity in the church, doesn't mean they're still in the will of God today, because the gifts come without repentance and   by there deeds and actions they've sold Jesus Christ of Nazareth out! 
The holy spirit told us to set the captive free, remove all games, church politics and everything that's divide true fellowship and hinder the body of Christ from moving forward 
Yes  this fellowship needs money to operate, however were not willing to   to  misue Gods people or sell our souls for fame or money!
AWF  Reserve the Right to License and Ordain those who qualify with LIFETIME CERTIFICATES which includes  an affirmation service!  


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Disclaimer; AWF believes strongly in integrity, respect and dignity while serving in ministry but we cannot be responsible for the actions or deeds of other people associated with the fellowship
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