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Apostles Worldwide Fellowship

*Uniting  Apostles Globally  Since 1991* 

*Apostle Dr. Nina Hall, Presiding Apostle*

WELCOME  &  Greetings  In  Jesus Name of Nazareth


What  a blessing to share the Historical God given vision of Apostles Worldwide Fellowship, an end time Movement and Fellowship for Apostles, chosen by Jesus Christ of Nazareth and not man, to restore  revitalize and resurrect the gift of Apostleship back into the church after almost 2,000 years of being dormant and inactive with Respect, Acceptance and Dignity, while saving souls in the church from confessing unbelief in Apostles today and educating them of their purpose and function 


AWF is an non binding hub for true Apostles of all races, nations, fellowships and organizations commissioned by the holy spirit to share our resources, wisdom and knowledge, for the spiritual advancement of the Christian Church and know those Apostles who labor among us today on a global level, by Fellowshiping Yearly!


Write The Vision and Make It Plain!
In 1991 our Founder Apostle Dr. Nina Hall was  given a mandate by the holy spirit to find Apostles around the world and unite them for one of the greatest end-time moves of God since Azusa Street

"The Restoration Of Apostles, Back Into  The  Christian Church"


Back  than Apostles were few, the internet  wasn't  available, the prophets hadn't emerged and claiming your Apostleship got you ostracized, unbelieved or labeled as crazy, she persevered and searched for Apostles by word of mouth and phone directory


After  holding Apostles Conventions  for 21 years, the holy spirit instructed her in 2011 to take the Movement global  and Apostles who heard the voice of God, traveled from around the world and gathered in an upper  room on Simchat Torah, at the city of David on 7 mile Rd, in the Motor City of Detroit Mi.. United they made History and AWF is the fastest growing fellowship for Apostles in the world, comprised of thousands globally


United  States, United Kingdom, Africa, Argentina, Australia, Asia, Barbados, China, Chile, Dominican Republic, Europe, Egypt, France, Germany, Hattie, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Jerusalem, Jamaica, Mexico Malaysia, Port Au Prince, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Spain, Turkey, Trinidad, Tobago



There’s a reason why were the fastest growing Apostles Fellowship in the world, were not  neophytes and specialize in serving the Apostleship, we understand it’s Legalities  Purpose, Functions and bring amalgamation. Bible Apostles weren't divided, they knew one another, convened regularly and true Apostles should want know their peers  and  participate in the restoration of their gift,, called by God himself in the 21st century


Our Convocations and International Conference Calls offers Apostles the opportunity to fellowship around the world  with their  peers  without judgement or restraints just  like Bishops and Pastors.  We offer a friendly environment of experience  seasoned Apostles who comprehend all  Gifts, Offices, Know Protocol, Apostolic Order, Sound Doctrine and our diversity o races  provides global revelation into the mind of the holy spirit, expanding cognizance as, "Iron Sharpens Iron"


Lifetime Covenant Partners are esteemed highly as Leaders of their own organizations and aren't asked to renounce current affiliations. As the foundation leaders of the church were mature and  don't have clicks or  respect of persons becauses our allegiance is to God not men or organizations  and our job is to bring Unity, Not Division


As governors of the Christian church we  also don't have gender issues and accept the human creation of God called whom he calls  "Man" and  gave them both  dominion over the earth ini Genesis 1:26-27.   The bible says God is no respect of person in Romans 2:11 and there's neither Male or Female in Christ, Galatians 3:28,  as  the foundation leaders of the church  we accept his word as truth and won't disregard it  to please us


Those Disputing  women can't  preach or be Apostles  bring dissension to God word ,Psalm 68:11, Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17-18. Their refusal of divergence jeopardizes souls because Jesus Christ  of Nazareth and the Apostles never taught that women couldn't preach, Luke 2:37, Phil 4:3 and a Woman "Asking a Question"  isn't  Preaching


God loves everything he created, including women and used them greatly, Judges 4:4, Luke 10:2, Phil 4:3, John 1:1. If God wouldn't allow woman to preach he'd be a respecter of person and liar  


The bible says Mary Magdalene was commissioned by Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself to preach  the first gospel message which is : his  death,, burial and resurrection to his diciples and without her obedience, no-one would  today would be preaching. the gospel   True Apostles comprehends that she was  the first female Apostle in the gospel, Mark 16:9  and Female Apostles  are listed  in Romans 16:7 


Apostle in Greek means ambassador, messenger, an envoy commissioned to carry out the instructions of it's commissioner and for Apostles their commissioner is Jesus Christ of Nazareth 


Apostles are the first Gift given to the new testament church by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth Matthew 10:2, Luke 11:42, I Corinthians 12:28

Apostles today still must be chosen by him, Acts 1:24-26,*9. God Said He Gave Gifts and men can only Affirms what he already Confirmed! 


The bible is the compass of our souls and never said to be an Apostle you must be one of the original 12 Regrettably this epoch is the reason why many are in era and refuse to accept Apostles today. Jesus Christ chose Apostles and Prophets to govern his new testament church, Ephesians 2:20 and the bible is full of Apostles who never walked with Christ, Acts 9:15-16 *14:14 and Romans 16 includes Women Apostles. Apostle Paul definitely wasn’t one of the 12, wrote most of the new testament including the qualifications for Bishops in I Timothy 3,  in which all Bishops used to affirm their office. The Gifts are generational and must replenish themselfs because the word SOME in Ephesians 4:11 means an Unspecified number and God's words can never return to him void, Isaiah 55:11


The difference between an Apostle and a Bishop is: An Apostle is a GIFT given by God to govern the new testament church, Luke 11:49, Ephesians 2:20, I  Corinthians12:28. The Apostles created the offices of Deacon and Bishop, to ASSIST Them with the work of ministry and not vise versa, Acts 6:6, I Timothy 3, so how could Bishops have authority over them? After the martyrdom of the Apostles, Bishops in rome assumed they were in charge of the church because the Apostles gave them authority to help them


A Bishop is an SELF APPOINTED OFFICE, obtain through Christian living and doesn’t say one must have churches to qualify, this too was added in by man and believed as truth!  A Bishop can’t automatically become an Apostle by works or desire because all Apostles are chosen by Jesus Christ of Nazareth, however some Bishops are really Apostles hiding under their bishopric out of fear of rejection by man. When a Bishop or Deacon is Consecrated they should be affirmed by Apostles because this is real biblical order, Acts 6:6


Have you ever notice Jesus Christ of Nazareth never once mention the word Bishop in all of  his teachings and before he went to heaven he didn't tell Bishops to go to Jerusalem and wait, but Apostles, Acts 1:4-9 and it wasn’t Bishops who open up the doors of the church, but the Apostles Acts 2:33- 38 and they didn’t continued in the doctrine of  Bishops, Acts 2: 42-43

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Please submit your Apostle or Prophet for  Nomination with a one page autobiography only! 

PLEASE NOTE: All Nominees  must  be present at  the Convocation, unless overseas!



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AWF  is  a reputable  world  renown Historical  Apostles  Fellowship receiving  numerous  Outstanding and Special Recognition  Awards From: Mayors, City Councils, Governors, Congress, Senators

and  nany  Community Leaders Globally


Apostolic  Order  Of  The Church

Today the gift of  Apostleship is new to the Christian church and inexperience leaders who aren't Apostles  themselves are causing men to make shipwreck  by stating  one must first become a Bishop in order to be an Apostle,  This isn't  true according to the bible because  every Apostle already  has a Bishopric, Acts 1:20 So how can one offer them, what they already have?  Apostles  were the one's who first  Ordain Deacons, Acts 6 and Bishops, I Timothy 3 ,  so it's impossible  for Bishops  to have authority over Apostles


According to the word of God only another Apostle  has the right to  lay hands on an Apostle.  When Apostle Paul was ready to affirm his Apostleship, Apostle Barnabas in Acts 14:14 who  also wasn't among  the orginal 12 Apostles, took him to see the Apostles and not Bishops, Acts 9:27 


 We say this not to denounce or disrespect  their Honorable Office,   that  our apostolic fathers  truly did established, but to educate people today of what is really written in Gods word, before man  altered it


 Removal of  the  Apostles

After the martyrdom of the Apostles, the rest of the Apostles and Christians went under ground to avoid persecution.   Than a group  of Bishops in Rome took a hostile takeover of their position  by claiming they were in  now in control of the church because  the Apostles had establish their Office and claimed apostolic succession  


In other words, they changed the  order  given by  God  in Luke 11:49 and Jesus Christ  of Nazareth, who  chose    Apostles as  governors of the new testament church  and this BIG, BIG mistake has existed  for thousands of years without   any  biblical validation Obviously they forgot once God sends his word, it cannot return unto him void, Isaiah 55:11.  It's foolish  to say that Apostles don't exist  anymore because the word some     gifts in Ephesians 4:11, means an  Unspecified Number,  as  the genenations come  and go 


The  structure of Gods Church is Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, Pastors, Bishops, Deacons, Elders, Ministers, Priest



No  Minister or Pastor should call themselves Reverend in the 21st century, because it's not bibical , it's time to educate the body of Christ and the world!

The word "Reverend" only appears ONCE in the entire Bible, in Psalm 111:9.   A minister  in medieval Europe  long after Christ decided that  he should be respected and started calling himself Rev and a now preachers are doing the same inspite of the fact the bible says reverend no man 


AWF operates from donations and free will offerings

Disclaimer: AWF believes strongly in integrity, respect and dignity while serving in ministry, however we cannot be responsible for the actions or deeds of  those associated with our fellowship

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